DOS game, 1990

SSG Strategic Studies Group
SSG Strategic Studies Group
History, Warfare, Turn-based

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Warlords is a strategy war game. Eight players are fighting for the kingdom of Illuria. Each player can be controlled by a human or a computer. The kingdom of Illuria found itself in an unstable truce. The eight rulers of Illuria realized that now was the time to rule the entire empire. Armies are mobilized and only one can be the overall ruler. Basically, your mission is world domination. This may be played between up to 8 people all on the same machine. It is a medieval type strategy game that requires the player to control 80 cities in the realm of Illuria. In order to do so you must wipe out your 7 opponents.

Gold is accrued through the ownership of cities. The gold is then used to create armies. Heroes can sometimes "find" things or be rewarded by sages (there are only 2 and it's a first come first served basis). You can choose between various human and non-human peoples, as well as the ubiquitous evil Warlord. This is a very early version of what strategy games eventually became.

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