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Old games are often referred to as abandonware - this is a term for the abandoned software - for example software that is no longer sold and its original creator does not provide any support for it.

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06.02.2022 Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers get all the Girls small screenshot

Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers get all the Girls

After Infocom has been disbanded, some of its developers founded Legend Entertainment to build on its gaming portfolio. The first Legend games, which combine graphic and textual elements (you can already click on the image with the mouse), are a direct evolution of the purely textual adventures that Infocom made famous, and their later (and more famous) point and click adventures (Death gate, etc.) were again logically significantly affected by the user interface of this older generation of games.

The first part of the Spellcasting trilogy by Steve Meretzky. The protagonist is a young magician Ernie Eaglebeak, who has just started studying at the University of Magic (he gets there after escaping from the house of his evil stepfather). However, rather than studying, he is interested in his scantily clad classmates. However, the outside world will soon make itself known through the kidnappers, who will deprive the university not only of part of the staff, but also of the equipment that can cause the end of the world in the wrong hands. Ernie therefore has to go out into the world to get the abducted people and the stolen object back (and at the same time to know other scantily clad beauties).

05.02.2022 Tennis Elbow small screenshot

Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow is the first game in a series of tennis sports games by French developers Mana Games. Unlike competing games, the title relies on simplicity. All you need to control is four directional keys to move your game character around the court. Other actions are then performed by the character itself, depending on the distance from the ball.

The title offers a complete World Tour against 250 opponents, 4 types of court surfaces and also the opportunity to create your own character, including attributes and graphic differentiation. You watch the event from the perspective of a third party and the game can also be played online.

05.02.2022 Railroad Tycoon II small screenshot

Railroad Tycoon II

Continuation of the pioneering building strategy from the developers of PopTop Software, in which the player has to build a train empire. For its time, the game abounds in an unusually complex, realistic economy and a very high number of maps, locomotives, stations, upgrades, etc. Railroad Tycoon II can be fun online and in single player (campaign, quick scenario), in which you can, but also do not have to measure your powers with virtual magnates. The game captures the beginnings of train transport around 1830, the present and dares to go into the near future (circa 2050). Over time, the game saw the Second Century expansion pack.

05.02.2022 A.R.S.E.N.A.L Taste the Power small screenshot

A.R.S.E.N.A.L Taste the Power

A.R.S.E.N.A.L is a shareware real-time strategy game that is in many aspects similar to Dune II and Command & Conquer. Gameplay elements include base construction, resource gathering and large-scale combat with ground, naval and air units. The game also introduces several unique elements to the genre: for example, all vehicles consume fuel, and the players need to maintain a supply network of gasoline trucks to keep their forces operational. Units also gain experience in combat, and this places an emphasis on micromanagement, encouraging the player to protect and repair damaged units, rather than rely on waves of expendable forces. The story of the tutorial and the campaigns is set in a fictional alternate history World War II where an alliance of European nations fights against Communist invasion. Custom games are played on randomly generated maps, with five factions available for play: Normo, Psycho, Shyzo, Parano and Fanato. Each faction, with the exception of Normo, has a unique special weapon, otherwise all of them share the same technology tree. In the custom game mode, it is possible to play with computer controlled allies, and also set alliances for computer players.

05.02.2022 Stargunner small screenshot


Stargunner is one of the most classic games of the space, side-scrolling shooter genre, which is also inspired by the eternal Star Wars. The player aboard the Stargunners attack ship attacks the Zilion's startled defenses and destroys the vast numbers of their units that defend and attack the player and his ship from all sides. The player slowly approaches the planet, where he passes through a massive defense and space station, flies over the planet, over the cities of Zilion, weaves through an underground maze and below sea level. It uses a wide range of weapons, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, laser and plasma cannons to destroy large numbers and many types of enemies. Each level is preceded by a shopping mode, which allows the player to equip his ship with a better weapons arsenal if he has collected a sufficient number of gems during the previous mission.

05.02.2022 Jetpack small screenshot


Your task is to collect green gems placed in more than 100 small rooms (dungeons). You have a Jetpack at your disposal, which will take you to inaccessible places. To use the Jetpack, you need fuel, which is also located in the room. There are several types - half, full and special (gradually supplementing or removing).

You move along the "walls" of several kinds - concrete wall, clay, icy, overgrown (slows down) and moving, or "box", which once destroyed, will not reappear. In addition to the Jetpack, ladders (fixed or movable) can be used to overcome heights. Furthermore, in the game there are "doors" of 3 colors (red, blue, green), which you can open using a "button" of the same color.

In addition to gems, you can take (optional) gold items that add you a few points, or a gold statuette - it adds 1 extra life. Enemies can't be killed or destroyed, but you can "lock" them in a wall, door, or use a Stunner (looks like a spinning wheel) to temporarily stop them all. Alternatively, you can use a shield (Shiled) for temporary immunity. There is also the danger of a "Hidden Spear" or a popping blade that is difficult to see.

05.02.2022 Indianapolis 500: The Simulation small screenshot

Indianapolis 500: The Simulation

As the name of the game suggests, it is a simulation of the popular American formula race 500 miles Indianapolis. The game offered only one single oval circuit and allowed to race for three different racing teams, March / Cosworth, Lola / Buick or Penske / Chevrolet. Everything was processed in somewhat primitive 3D graphics, which, however, ensured solid realistic racing compared to other formula games at the time.

The races looked believable and they probably lacked nothing that belongs to real Indycar races. During training rides, you could adjust a number of settings on your monopost that affected your final speed. The start of the race was a quick start. During the races, you had to avoid hitting the wall or the surrounding cars. There were yellow flags with a ban on overtaking during the accidents. You also had to monitor the fuel level in the tank and change the tires in time to avoid a puncture. Engine overheating could also knock you out of the race.

The racing offer is simple. It offers training mode, qualification and the race itself. However, the main race is quite lengthy, so there are several shorter races with lower difficulty for inexperienced drivers. For example, a race for only 10 laps, without yellow flags, in which your monopost is indestructible. The biggest challenge, of course, is the main 200-lap race, which is already fully realistic.

05.02.2022 Stormlord small screenshot


The goal of the Stormlord action platformer is to save the naked fairies kidnapped by the evil queen. Various enemies will put sticks at your feet, but the main enemy is time. In each level you have to save a certain number of fairies from dusk, otherwise the game ends for you. In addition, you have to find the right way, because even if you miss a single fairy, there may be no way back. You will benefit from starfish, which are your only defense against enemies, and a falcon, which can take you to another area.

Stormlord was released in 1989 and was well received by critics. In 1990, the sequel Deliverance: Stormlord II was released, which was then remake under the name Deliverance.

05.02.2022 Yu-Gi-Oh!: Power of Chaos - Kaiba the Revenge small screenshot

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Power of Chaos - Kaiba the Revenge

The game follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, Power of Chaos: Yugi the Destiny, and can be played both on its own and as a sequel to the previous episode. In Power of Chaos: Kaiba the Revenge, you can collect more than 300 cards and try to combine them as effectively as possible to defeat your opponent.
Players will compete with Kaiba (computer) in this adventure. In combat, he must alternately use different combinations of cards to summon monsters, traps and spells, with the help of which he must try to destroy the enemy. Each card is beautifully illustrated and also contains information about its relative advantages and disadvantages. The clear interface then allows you to easily combine monsters, spells and traps, so the player can better concentrate on tactics.
Power of Chaos: Kaiba the Revenge uses a completely redesigned design. It is located in Kaib's company, which we know directly from the popular TV series Yu-Gi-Oh !. Players who own the previous part will soon find that the cards with which they won the original game will be available in the new game as well. The installation Power of Chaos:  Kaiba the Revenge will also significantly improve the computer intelligence of the original part. So if you combine both titles, the number of cards in Power of Chaos: Kaiba the Revenge will reach 450.
Simple and clear control, endless options for setting individual card sets and experiments with new combinations make Power of Chaos:  Kaiba the Revenge a truly welcome return to the Yu-Gi-Oh phenomenon! on PC. In addition, the game contains three limited official cards.

05.02.2022 I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream (Harlan Ellison) small screenshot

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream (Harlan Ellison)

Gone are the days when point'n’click adventures dominated the gaming industry. It is no secret that adventure games have "committed suicide", but we will return to the title that caused a small revolution (not only) of this genre in the golden adventure times.

The I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream adventure often appears in various charts of the "weirdest" or "most depressing" games, and rightly so. The game excelled in a dark atmosphere, captivating gloomy story and unprecedentedly complex and complicated characters. To make matters worse, the way the game's story unfolds is no less extraordinary and literally groundbreaking for storytelling in computer games.

The adventure I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream is loosely inspired by the story of Harlan Ellison, who also contributed intensively to the creation of the game. The now defunct studio, The Dreamers Guild, was in charge of the development. Soon after its launch, the title attracted attention, with enthusiastic reactions and considerable embarrassment. The game has won a number of awards, such as "The Best Dark Game of 1996" at the Digital Hollywood Conference, and Computer Gaming Word declared the game the adventure of the year.