Moorhuhn 2

Windows game, 2000

Phenomedia Publishing
G+J Computer Channel
Animals, Shooter

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Moorhuhn 2 - number two in the name means that it is a direct successor to the game Crazy Chicken with the subtitle "shoot your chicken", which has become almost a cult thing in Germany and the most downloaded game at the time. It didn't take long and gradually other titles of the same gameplay were created, only with different figures. For example, VampirJagd (vampires) or Virtuelle Penguin Jagd (penguins). The second one differs from the first part not only by the number in the title, but by the much more elaborate game environment, graphics and sound, which is really "natural" and exactly evokes the atmosphere of the Scottish countryside in which the game is set. The authors did not forget, because this is a classic "office" game, to add a bossscreen to the program - button B: o). Your task, as the right hunter, is from the beginning to the end of the set one and a half minute limit to shoot into everything that moves, but also into everything that seems inanimate at first glance and thus get as many points on your account. And make no mistake, for example, the tower clock comes to life in this game.

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