Frontier: Elite II

DOS game, 1993

Frontier Developments
Flight, Managerial, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter, Space

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I consider this game to be one of the best space, trading and combat simulators from the early 90's. Unlike the original version of the game, Frontier: Elite II has significantly better graphics and dozens of other improvments, such as the ability to land directly on the planets, or even on their orbits. The game takes place in our galaxy in 3200, and you, as Commander Jameson, are once again fighting pirates (or justice), exploring the universe, trading and upgrading your ship. Even though the game has only a few kB, the realistic world is really large and contains hundreds of thousands of stars - the universe is gradually generated on the basis of real data from our solar system. When trading, you can take advantage of differences in prices, or you can fulfill the wishes of customers, from carrying packages to the liquidation of uncomfortable people. You can also enter military service and fight in a war between competitors - the Federation and the Empire.

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