FIFA Soccer 96

DOS game, 1995

Extended Play Productions
Electronic Arts
Managerial, Soccer / Football

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FIFA Soccer 96 screenshotFIFA Soccer 96 screenshotFIFA Soccer 96 screenshotFIFA Soccer 96 screenshot

FIFA game series began in 1990 and FIFA Soccer 96 is the third game in the series. Each game of the series has its tagline, for this game was chosen "Next Generation Soccer". The game is about football (I mean soccer) and football only. At the beginning of the game you can choose a team - you can choose either national team or team from different national leagues (from almost unknown to Malaysian league, or from famous Italian or English leagues). If you are not satisfied with neither of the teams, you can create your own football team. You can choose from several types of play - friendly, league, tournament, playoffs, or practice. The game has (at that time) a beautiful 3D graphics.

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2 months ago

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# NicoleMiles
2 months ago

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1 month ago

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