Dyna Blaster (Bomberman)

DOS game, 1992

Hudson Soft
Ubi Soft Entertainment

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Dyna Blaster, or Bomberman - the story of how I became a pyrotechnic. One villain (it looks just like you, only he is black) has decided to take you girlfriend, lover or wife. It could even be a mother in law, but who would have rescued her, right? But as I told, you have to save some lady. To do this you have to use Jadin weapon of this game choice, and that is a big black ... bomb! yes almost the same as you remember it all from classic cartoons (that's why alternate name is Bomberman). With bombs you have to kill all monsters. After discharging the whole level one cube lights up if you have not found it thus and so it is teleported to the next level. You can try what happens when you teleport to the bomb. Quite fun.

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One villain (he looks just like you, only he's black) has decided to take your girlfriend, mistress or wife. She could be a mother-in-law, but who would save her what? Well, as I have already revealed, your task is to save a certain fairer sex. The means to do this is Jadin's weapon, which occurs in the game and that is a big black ... bomb! yes, that's the classic of all cartoons. You stroke and kill monsters. After discharging the whole level, one cube will light up, if you haven't found it already and below it is a teleport to the next level. You have the opportunity to try what happens when you put a bomb on that teleport. Quite funny. (At least for whoever is looking at you). And so you continue on and on until you fight your way to where? but still further ... You follow a map, a picture of the castle and its surroundings. Each level has its own specifics, so when you are in the water, you have a crocodile at the enemy. Each level, such as a river, has more levels, which differ only in the size of the playing field. The variety is various special abilities, such as a fire - increases the firepower, or a bomb - you put more bombs ... then lives, speed of movement, detonation of bombs, etc.

The final meeting takes place at the castle. Kill all the monsters first and then enjoy the finals. The enemy is at an advantage because he has cover, sometimes he is injured and sometimes not. Of course you kill him and he breaks. Interesting is the touching outro where it occurs cracked. It's such sweets, romance - don't miss it and handkerchiefs with you ...

Attentive people have found that I wrote as a plus multiplayer. Yes, that's Dyna's main weapon. A huge whirlwind on one computer, fighting for cups and bonus skulls is one of the best the gaming industry has ever offered ... Who hasn't experienced a pumpkin puddle at school, where 30 people squeezed on one computer and cheered on 4 chosen ones who played like they weren't ... 

Reviewed by Anonym – 1. april 2014


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