The Neverhood

Windows game, 1996

DreamWorks Interactive
1st-person, 3rd-person
Cartoon, Puzzle elements

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From time to time, there is a game that is so different from others that you remember it immediately regardless of whether it is so good or so bad. The Neverhood is just such an example of games and it is not just good, it is an excellent adventure where you will be dealing with a number of logical tasks. The game stands out particularly for its graphics processing - all characters and scenery are made of play dough. You control a play dough character named Klaymen. He must save the planet from the evil influence of malicious magician who tries to dominate Neverhood, so he could commit various evil things (classic adventure plot). At the beginning, you wake up in a small room and you must solve the first task - to get out of this room. The whole game is a combination of different logical tasks that you must complete before you can move on and believe me, this game si gonna torment your brain cells. The puzzles are different from the easier ones, where you have to stack a certain pattern, through more difficult - where you have to assemble the mechanism, to the heaviest, which took me a few hours (if you don't have perfect ear for music, you will spend a lot of time in one of the houses). Perspective of the game is taken in two ways - when you're inside, you're looking at Klaymen from the side, from the 3rd-person perspective. When you are outside, you look at the world with Klaymen's eyes. It is really a perfect adventure with the original graphics (everything you see in the game was created with about 3 tons of real play dough), and I highly recommend it to you to play it.

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# mylan
2 years ago

This is CD image, so you need a program for virtual CD drive. You can try Virtual CloneDrive. Once installed, it should allow you to mount an ISO or CUE/BIN image by double-clicking on it.

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Lots of fun for whole family #

Reviewed by FolomieStorageBins – 13. april 2021

Loved this game as a teenager, it brings back so many good memories.

One tip: play this game with your family, or friends. everybody will have their opinion on what to do, where to go or how to interpret the puzzles.
One of the BEST games you will EVER play and one that would leave beautiful memories printed in your mind, specially if shared. ;)

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Bring back memories #

Reviewed by JenniLani – 29. june 2022

This game bring back memories and for me even bring some tears cause those bought me this game those years are no longer alive
Thank you

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