DOS game, 1997

Stainless Games
SCi Games
1st-person, 3rd-person

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Do you like fast cars covered with iron and spikes. Do you like blood, intestines, pedestrian screams? Did you like games like Quarantine or Road Warrior? Yes? So get ready for another dose of great action behind the wheel, Carmageddon is coming. As you have already figured out, this is a racing game where you drive on armored asphalt breakers. A nice intro informs you all about everything, which ends as usual... wait for it... by knocking down a pedestrian and showing a sign with the highest allowed speed (30 mph), through which "NOT" is written in blood. I think this intro perfectly captures the atmosphere of the whole game. If you are looking for innocent and gentle races, try the Grand Prix Circuit, but this game is something different...

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