Alien Legacy

DOS game, 1994

Ybarra Productions
Sierra On-Line
3rd-person, Top-down
Sci-Fi / Futuristic

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In the nearby future (2043) humanity came into contact with an alien civilization that was not so friendly. People therefore devote enormous efforts to scientific research, to be ready for possible extraterrestrial war. In 2119, therefore, humanity launch a stellar UNS Calypso to a remote star system Beta Caeli - to create a new human colony. You play the captain of UNS Calypso and you will have to deal with several problems. Game Alien Legacy is a combination of real-time strategy, adventure and action game. You have to worry about the new human colony, find out why the colonies have not yet been established prior to your arrival (although it should have) and you have to discover new places. You are not only on your own, you have different counselors on the bridge UNS Calypso, so take and advices from them - you gonna need them.

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# trianglepuck
2 months ago

One of the most recognizable and popular video games of all time is snake game

# brokentreat
13 days ago

Alien Legacy is a very interesting game. I like it very much

# tracyberge
4 days ago

The game Donkey Kong is extremely attractive, you need to play the role of a mario and overcome obstacles to rescue the princess in distress.

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