SimIsle: Missions in the Rainforest

DOS game, 1995

Intelligent Games
Maxis Software
Managerial, Animals, Nature

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Once again we come to the Sim* world, which was created by the company Maxis. Originally it was intended that there will be 2 sim games about nature in 1995 - one will be about living on the island and the second will deal with the issues of rainforest. The Maxis decided to merge these two game into one - SimIsle: Missions in the Rainforest. SimIsle is a little different from the other sim games. While in previous games there was no specified goal to achieve, it was all about building and expansion, SimIsle is changing this view. You can choose of 25 islands and each island has a different difficulty and a different objective that must be met. On one island, you must save Animal in danger, other island should be transformed into a prosperous island, then you have to preserve unspoiled nature, but also attract more tourists. As always, you have the large amount of data, charts, graphs, which will help you through the game (also interfere with gameplay). To me, SimIsle is one the worst games in the sim* series. Even there is a good idea about preserving the nature, the game is often tedious and uninteresting. You can't build and empire here, you can't even have the megalomaniacal ambitions we used to love in other games (like in SimCity, SimEarth and others). The game, however, provide pleasant rest for the long evenings when if you want to get a good feeling about taking care of nature, at least you can do it in the world of computer games.

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