SimEarth: The Living Planet

DOS game, 1990

Maxis Software
Ocean Software
Educational, Nature

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The year 1990 was a very productive year for the game company Maxis. One of games released in 1990 was a great simulator SimEarth: The Living Planet. The game follow the well known pattern of Sim games from those times, but this time you will not lead city or farm, but an entire planet. You have a relatively simple (haha) goal: to guide inhabitants of your planet from single-celled roots to an advanced civilization that goes to space. You can be a leader of planet Earth, or you can also choose other planets (Mars, Venus, Aquarium, some randomly generated planet, etc.) On you path, you must overcome a number of threats (pollution, disease, hunger, war and global warming) and make sure the inhabitants of your planet will survive.

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