DOS game, 1984

A.I. Design
A.I. Design
Fantasy, Turn-based

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Rogue is the founder of the rogue-like games genre and one of the oldest games for the PC ever (the original version for Unix was created in 1980). It is considered one of the oldest RPGs for the PC. The player takes on the hero, who must fight his way through several floors of the "Dungeon of Doom" and get the "Amulet of Yendor". An important element is permanent death - the game cannot be saved and if the hero dies, it is necessary to start again - and also the random generation of a dungeon, which always looks different, but always contains treasures and enemies with different properties (aquators will destroy your armor, snakes (rattlesnakes) reduce strength, vampires suck experience points, etc.). It is also necessary to constantly look for food, otherwise the hero will starve to death.

The graphics are made only of ASCII characters - for example, the hero has a smiley symbol, the vampire looks like the letter "V". On the way, you can come across gold, which counts in the final score, but otherwise has no use (you can not buy anything for it). The hero can find a variety of items, from swords and rings, through scrolls, to potions. The character also has a certain level, hitpoints, strength and armor, these attributes can be increased (mainly by fighting enemies). The game is turn-based and the dungeon contains about 30 floors.

Due to permanent death, the impossibility of returning to the previous floors of the dungeon, where the character could be trained on weaker monsters and the need to move forward constantly due to lack of food, this is a very difficult matter.

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