Tiny Skweeks

DOS game, 1992

Atreid Concept
Inline Design
Puzzle elements

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Skweeks are four little cute creatures, easily distinguished by colors: red, blue, yellow and green. If you find these four furry balls familiar, it's not a coincidence - Tiny Skweeks (also known as The Brainies or The Tinies) is a game that preceded the game Fury of the Furries and these games fall into a Skweek series. This puzzle game has 101 levels, where your goal is to get all the monsters on their spots - assigned to them by color. You can always move only one creature at the time and once you move you can only be stoped by the nearest wall or obstacle. Therefore, it is necessary to think through all the moves in advance. This is a great puzzle game that I recommend for all ages.

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