Fury of the Furries

DOS game, 1993

Atreid Concept
3rd-person, Platform, Side-view
Puzzle elements

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What is this old arcade game about? As in most games the aim is to finish the game - surprise, right? To complete the game, you have to complete all worlds, so you find yourself in a lot of levels. Yellow Furry is not soft and he can shoot fireballs. Green is something like a ninja - he can throw the rope and swing on it, like spiderman. Another Furik is Hunro - he eats a stone. And the last is blue, who knew how to swim and to blow bubbles underwater. Those bubbles serve also as a lethal weapon. So you control four round monsters and everyone knows something else. The game is not designed like Lost Vikings, so in most cases you won't have the right Fury, which one you need the most. So instead of effective jump over cactus, you have to destroy it.

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Legendary sphere. I don't mean anything but furs, so don't accuse me of something completely different, okay?
Ok, what is this old bouncer about? As in most games, the goal is to finish the game. Completing all the worlds as far as your furies can go can be considered overcoming, and therefore you will find yourself in hafo levels. But Furík is no prank cutter and can shoot fireballs (flusance etc.) - yellow furík, green is such a ninja. He can throw a rope and swing on it like worms. Another fever is starvation. He also eats stones. And the last one is blue, he can swim and blow bubbles under water. It's not easy with those bubbles either. It also serves as a deadly weapon. (again, different things occur to me, but the bubbles are normal air). So you own four round monsters and each can do something different. The game is not designed like Lost Vikings, but in most cases you don't have the fur you need the most. So instead of effectively swinging over the cactus, you will jump on it several times. Congratulations.

For control. Again very simple, arrows and space bar. Everyone can guess what the arrows are for, and if not, they will find out very soon. Use the space bar to specify the strength of the fireball or, for example, the height of the jump. An excellent feature is the reflection from the walls. Furians probably like hopscotch juice, so it's great to run a furie and hit a wall. It bounces off at such a speed that it enters orbit. Oh yes, orbit. It reminds me that I didn't mention the home planet Furik. His name is Sklumph. So don't look for Furíky in the garden. They probably won't be there.

Excellent gameplay, excellent processing. What else could you wish for. Furíci is one of the first legendary games and of course it deserves its place here. I can only recommend, but if you have little time, do not play furiks. It's a very catchy game. There aren't many like that today ... 

Reviewed by Anonym – 1. april 2014


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