DOS game, 1991

Think!Ware Development
Digital Integration
Puzzle elements

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We all have a game that we define childhood and which we were not able to get enough and used to play it over and over. For me that's Supaplex. It is such a special game for that it has started the history of and it was the very first game I have put on the site. What is Supaplex about? In the game you play as some kind of pacman with a name Murphy. It will not be as easy as in pacman. You are not being chase by ghosts and you cannot take some pill to kill the enemies, but you have to use your logic. You have to watch out for falling rocks, bloodthirsty scissors, exploding diskettes and guard the number of electrons you must eat. The level complexity is gradually escalating and to conquer all 111 is really difficult.

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Reviewed by mylan – 10. june 2014


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