Mega lo Mania

DOS game, 1992

Sensible Software
Ubi Soft Entertainment

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If you like to play the gods and like to play with the civilization's fate, Mega lo Mania is a real-time strategy for you. At the beginning you choose which God are you gonna represent in the game. You can choose from four Gods: Scarlet (red army), Oberon (yellow army), Caesar (green army), or Madcap (blue army). The game is divided into 9 levels (or epoch) and each will gradually conquer 3 islands that you need to rule and you fight other Gods. On the island you have to build headquarters and then begin preparing for battle. You need to start deploy buildings, develop weapons, build defense, harvest raw materials and gradually fight against your enemies. After completing 9 levels there is a final battle "Mother of all battles", which will bring you many surprises.

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