2 Fast 4 You: Das superheisse Bi-Fi Race

DOS game, 1995

Art Department Werbeagentur
Bi-Fi Roll

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2 Fast 4 You (aka 2FAST4YOU) is a racing freeware created by order of the German company B-Fi, promoting its products. The game is a classic arcade reminiscent of the famous Wacky Wheels, where you race across the landscape in an attempt to achieve the best lap time. During the race, of course, you must not forget to collect Bi-Fi products lying around the track, such as mini-rolls, sausages and sausages.

You can choose from several cars with which you will race and the legendary Trabi / Trabant is not missing among them. Your computer opponents can stand on the starting grid with a Thunderbird, a Jeep, or a Bi-Fi car that resembles an old bug. You can also choose from several different competitions. The Adventure Cup takes you to natural circuits in the Grand Canyon or the jungle, the Fun Cup contains fun tracks and the Danger Cup takes you through an ice circuit, a desert and a volcanic island track.

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# elderearing
11 days ago

To my mind, 2 Fast 4 You are all kinds of exotic cars that have doors that open up or something like that. I think it's too weird and pretentious. Beside, you can try play 1v1 lol game. It is also interesting

# laurencmlaine
10 days ago

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