Sonic CD

Windows game, 1996

3rd-person, Platform, Side-view

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In the '90s raged the big console war in the gaming industry, and Nintendo was winning it, thanks to Mario. SEGA has therefore come with its own gaming legend: Sonic the Hedgehog. In 1996, this game was also ported to Windows OS asnd so was Sonic CD created (many fans refer to this version as the greatest one of the series). Sonic the Hedgehog along with his girlfriend Amy Rose travel to Never Lake, where they reveal the insidious plan of Sonic's archer enemy Dr. enemy. Eggman to manipulate the time. Dr. Eggman created an evil Sonic twin - Metal Sonic, who kidnaps Amy Rose, and your task is now not only to save Amy, but also to stop Dr. Eggman. Gameplay is that what you would expect from Sonic's game: you run fast and I mean FAST, collect rings, jump on the robots to destroy them, collect powerups - just have fun the Sonic way.

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