Moto Racer

DOS game, 1997

Delphine Software International
Electronic Arts

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I like racing games, but I've always prefered the ones where you race with cars. I've played also the motorbikes games here and there, but didn't have a favorite one for quite some time. Untill I have played Moto Racer.It was the summer of 1998 and me and my friends have spent many hours playing this game, compete who's gonna get the fastet lap. If I had to compare this game to other racing games, I think it most likely resembles the first game from the series Need for Speed​​. It is mainly due to the fact, that Moto Racer is not trying to be realistic, but it is rather about arcade racing, where you will enjoy the game, competition and have a lot of fun. As usual, you can choose from several bikes, which differ from each other by three parameters: speed, acceleration and grip. There are together 8 different tracks available in the game (4 of them are unlocked only when you manage to win the championship), and the game contains 2 kinds of bikes: road and dirt bikes (which you use on off-road tracks, such as when drive on the Chinese wall). The game has amazing graphics and sounds, there is nothing to criticize here about these aspects. Bike control are also good, you can do various tricks with motorcycle (for example, riding on the rear wheel) and I believe you will love this game as much as I do.

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