DOS game, 1994

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History, Managerial, Turn-based

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Excellent strategy game from the creator Sid Meier. Colonization titled covers the period from 1492, when was discovered the "New World". The game is drawn up at that time, very precise and author in addition to the inclusion of great gameplay and information on various historical figures and events from the time of colonization of America. At the beginning, you can set the difficulty of the game and you can also choose one of four countries (England, Holland, Spain and France), whose interests will promote in the New World.

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An excellent strategy game by the creators of Sid Meier called Colonization captures the period since 1492, when the discovery of the "New World", respectively. America by Italian sailors in the Spanish service of Christopher Columbus, until the individual colonies emerged from the domination of European colonizers. The game is processed very precisely for its time and the author included, in addition to great gameplay, also information about individual historical figures and events from the time of the colonization of America. At the beginning, I can set the difficulty of the game and choose one of the four countries (England, the Netherlands, Spain and France) whose Interests you will promote in the New World. Very important are the SO's good relations with the indigenous population, which I bring you gifts and at the same time I can trade with them. However, if you exploit them, I will repay you for attacking your colonies. Your allies, but also rivals of the SO, other conquerors from Europe, who are also like you claim the NEW land. In my opinion, the most important element of the game is the creation of bell freedom, the so-called "Liberty Bells". Through these bells, the Inhabitants of your colonies gradually begin to Buriti against your home European country and lean to the side of the Rebels, which brings you an increase in production. The more inhabitants of the colonies are on the side of the rebels, the higher the efficiency of production, that is, we produce everything in much larger quantities. The goal of the game is to achieve independence from your home country, which the Struggle for Independence can achieve. This is only possible if you have enough inhabitants of the colony on the rebel side.

So don't let the rulers of Europe be oppressed and win your "War of Independence"! 

Reviewed by Anonym – 1. april 2014


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