Pokémon Play It!

Windows game, 1999

Fluid Entertainment
Wizards of the Coast
Cards, Turn-based

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Pokémon Play It! screenshotPokémon Play It! screenshotPokémon Play It! screenshotPokémon Play It! screenshot

Pokémon Play It! is a simple game designed to introduce potential players to the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

At the beginning you have to go through several boring learning levels, where both the rules of playing against the PC are explained, as if it were actually played. These rounds are non-random, so it's just a matter of using the predefined cards in the correct order to win. It starts to be more fun only after completing these levels, when the cards are actually randomly generated. You can choose a deck here, or even create your own from all the existing cards. Card game owners can even create a database of cards they actually own here.

The main disadvantage is that there is no difficulty setting here. The artificial intelligence of the opponent is not so good - he does not even think a step forward, so it is not a problem to defeat him and soon you will start to miss a real opponent.

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1 month ago

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# mathewhayden
1 month ago

Pokemon ist einer meiner absoluten Favoriten, aber heutzutage bin ich einfach verrückt nach 4 Bilder 1 Wort. Ich war gut bis 3-Buchstaben-Wörter, aber als das Spiel anfing, nach 4-Buchstaben-Antworten zu fragen, war ich die meiste Zeit ahnungslos.

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