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This topic is for comments and discussion about Call of Duty. If you have any questions, or problems with this game, let us know. Also feel free to share any insights, useful tips and tricks with us.
Thanks and have fun!

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Recently I have started to play this game on my Windows 10 PC. The first few days I was played well, there was no problem during playing the game. But since yesterday night I have been having a problem while playing the game. After a few minutes of the game play, my computer starts crashing and sometimes it got frozen.

Sometimes this kind of issue happen due to low configuration of the PC. But my PC's configuration is fine. I have no doubt with this. Then I dont understand what could be the issue. Could anyone please provide me some solution that might help to solve the issue? Thanks in advance.
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I still don't quite understand how to play and how to easily pass rounds tanuki sunset. It's hard for me