Alter Ego

DOS game, 1986


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There are games that make you feel like a hero, then there are games that force you to break the monitor, but there are also games that stay in your memory for a very long time and immerse you in philosophical considerations. Maybe Alter Ego belongs to the last category for one simple reason: you will live your whole life during the game. Alter Ego is a life simulator that allows you to try everything (or almost everything) that is difficult to decide in reality and see how individual decisions affect your future life. As usual, life in the game is divided into seven stages - from birth to old age and, of course, eventually death. The game starts by creating a character (the player's Alter Ego), but you won't see any external traits: the image of the hero is created by "testing" - you will need to answer a few questions that can determine the personality. The character has a number of indicators (the so-called state of life) that show how your Alter Ego is currently feeling and how successful it will be in the character's decision-making: for example, with a low self-confidence indicator, your hero may decide not to party with friends. Each period has its own set of situations (in adolescence you can choose to work part-time, at a more mature age you can consider a career and starting a family, etc.). There is no need to start the game from an early age - you can immediately enter adulthood or skip any period of life (it has little effect on the result).

During the game, you may also encounter situations that can lead to premature death (poisoning, murder); The game also includes explicit scenes that are not suitable for players under the age of 16, but you may refuse to read them. The diversity and number of lines, as well as the "experiments" with solving situations clearly show that you can be almost anyone in Alter Ego! It all depends on your logic, courage and imagination.

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