Motor City

DOS Spiel, 1994

Max Design
Max Design
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# MaxPower
1 vor einem jahr

Game manual. Answers some questions

Walk-through & patch for the US version (Oldtimer is the German version)

The patch apparently fixes several bugs. I haven't made it far enough through my 1st game to verify if the HP bug is fixed.

# MaxPower
1 vor einem jahr

One odd thing I discovered, you can mix up the chassis & engines with different sized car bodies. Take a small body, medium chassis, and limo/luxury engine and (as long as you don't violate the HP or weight requirements) this can be built/sold. The engine makes sense (since there are no size limitations placed on car bodies), but I'd expect the larger chassis sizes to need to be mated w/the same sized body.

On the plus side, this solves my problem w/getting that PITA dude in research to let me develop an over 25HP small chassis/engine........I can use the 35, 50, or 70HP versions (only up to 48HP on an engine, still not sure about the engine bug/fix) I have for the bigger cars! ;-)

*This is still my 1st run through of the game, so I'm on easy difficulty.

# MaxPower
1 vor einem jahr

Going through the WW1 years now. That newspaper on the end of your desk starts working around this time.You can start building/converting to assembly line factories and hiring unskilled workers. The timeline I found (see that walkthrough doc I mentioned earlier) states a "heavy decline" in German & Austria sales when the war starts....... replace "heavy decline" with "total elimination".

Still can't build an engine > 50hp. Actually this kind of sucks the life out of R&D department....dude won't let me build better engines or chassis so all I do is put new car bodies on the same platform!

One thing I recall reading on one of those walkthrough docs I mentioned; factories don't burn down on easy level and/or running @ fast speed. Yeah, that's false. I've had several burn down.:-D

The races are a joke (maybe I already said that?). All I do is get passed by everyone and then end up winning by several minutes. I did throw some $'s in R&D at racing development, but now I'm wondering if it makes any difference (on easy level at least). Run dosbox speed (F12) at about 9410 cycles for the test drive & race modes

# MaxPower
1 vor einem jahr

Made it to the end (1929). Was never able to build an engine over 50hp, so apparently the HP bug still exists. Although the more disturbing bug - around 1921 all the countries stopped buying cars! Only way I could get anything to sell anywhere was price them below $25!!!

Last 9 years flew by since I just ended up shutting everything down and had enough cash built up that I made it to the end while doing nothing. Reloaded and tried several different things but nothing I did made sales come back or improve

# MaxPower
11 vor monaten

Tried 2nd game and now I can build engines & chassis over 50hp! Not sure what went wrong with the 1st game, but apparently the hp bug is fixed w/the patch. :-) R&D guy still seems to be picky about what he'll let you develop - have an 80hp engine and won't let me build a chassis to support it.

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