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This topic is for comments and discussion about Dune 2000. If you have any questions, or problems with this game, let us know. Also feel free to share any insights, useful tips and tricks with us.
Thanks and have fun!

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The game works, but now days it requires to run it on compatibility mode xp sp2 or sp3 should be fine, also gage some of the color and resolution options could make an improvement.

It´s a bit better than Dune2 almost the same story without the videos and the story line that is the main attractive of the game. But the graphics do make a difference,

Still there is an issue with the cursor, it does not always lock the full screen and when you click outside of the screen it junks you to windows and when you are able to return to it, gets all messy with 6 colors configuration and about 4 duplicated games on one of the screens, a very poor game handle from NVidia. It does not run on DOSBox so you have to be very careful when trying to move around, turning the multiscreen off could help fix the issue.

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